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Benefits of Reading Fiction

In this contemporary world of ever-changing technology, it is easy to forget things that bring pleasures in life, like reading a nice fiction book. It is a sad thing that about 28 percent of 1000 people have not read any book in the past year despite the many benefits you can get from reading a book. There are many reasons why you can read a book. There are many advantages of reading a fiction, to prove it to you , the advantages are as follows.

One of the reasons you should read fiction books is that reading a book increases your intelligence. Reading a book opens up a new sphere of knowledge starting from a tender age. Among kids, reading fiction books accounts to more than 50 percent of the words they get to know, more than what they get in TV or a discussion between graduates. People who read books from childhood grow up having higher intelligence and knowledgeable.By simply reading a fiction book you learn how to approach challenges in life. From stories we are able to take new and better methods to tackle problems in our day to day lives.

Reading within minutes gives you calming sensation. Research have also shown that stress levels can be reduced significantly through reading of a book. Reading of fiction literature helps you to rest better and helps you to identify your inner self. When reading you lose yourself in an interesting piece of literature, for some minutes you escape your worries and stresses gotten through the day.

Your compassion and understanding of other people like your colleagues is made easier through reading. Readers are able to understand feelings of others through reading books and also getting peoples’ reviews of the book. In human society social interaction is significant because we are social beings and this is improved through reading.

Reading can be done during your leisure as a form entrainment or any other amusing engagement.The author’s sense of imagination is able to draw your attention for some time engaging your thoughts. Moreover, you get a great sense of satisfaction through reading.

Books help to improve creativity which is generated through experiencing new angles of looking at things, new narratives that is provided to the reader by author. The ability to develop our creativity depends on our ability to read fiction from tender ages to adulthood. If you sit down and spend half an hour reading, your focus is improves. The writer’s emotions, proses are generated in the mind of the reader in a structured narrative making the reader more productive in activities that require great deal of focus.

Putting your brain at work through reading will reduce old related mental conditions.

When reading you are often alone and this gives you time to connect with your soul and therefore your emotions are rejuvenated.

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